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Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
facing imminent penalties under the law. >> a federal judge has cleared the city of detroit to proceed with its bankruptcy filing and shed up to $18 billion in debt. it's the largest public bankruptcy in u.s. history. the judge turned aside challenges from unions, pension funds and retirees who stand to have benefits cut. later, retiring mayor dave bing called for all parties to work together. >> we have got to start changing the conversation and we can't think that bankruptcy is the worst thing that ever happened to us. it can help us now because it will allow us once again to deal with the things that should have been dealt with over the last 20 or 30 years. the city cannot go forward with the kind of debt and liabilities that we have on our balance sheet. >> >> ifill: detroit's emergency manager, kevin orr, has said the city is now using 40 cents of every dollar collected to pay its debts. he warns that figure could rise to 65 cents without bankruptcy relief. >> major cuts in retirement benefits for thousands of state employees, and retirees, the legislature approved a bill that als
Dec 4, 2013 3:00pm PST
and cities facing huge debt problems. the fights are charged with more skirmishes to come in court, but this week's action may be changing the landscape. the battle over the public employee pension crunch in illinois-- the nation's worst-- came to a head yesterday, as state lawmakers voted to eliminate a $100 billion unfunded liability. it passed with bipartisan support, although the votes were close, and some were more enthusiastic than others. >> i think it's a win-win and the excuses i'm hearing from people who don't want to support it don't add up to me. >> this is hard for a lot of people in our state so it's not something that i feel joy about. >> woodruff: the measure cuts cost-of-living increases for current and future retirees and raises the retirement age for those under 45. many aren't happy about it. >> when you've been employed by the state for 20 years and you're counting on your benefits being "x" and there is a possibility that that nest egg that you've been counting on is going to be reduced as a result of pension reform it's a bit daunting. >> woodruff: governor p
Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm PST
wanted to be buried far from the capitol city in the village he called his home, even when politics became his life. born in the british empire, he will be buried in a distant corner of a country that is in every sense his. the man who made the miracle of modern south africa, who brought a nation with him on his long walk to freedom. though the world now mourns and presidents will visit, it is ode south africans who gain from his struggle and in finding out what this democracy looks like without him. >> woodruff: a short time ago, i spoke with lydia polgreen, johannesburg bureau chief for the "new york times." lydia polgreen, thank you for talking with us. >> my pleasure, judy. >> woodruff: how are south africans reacting today to mandela's death? are they all black and white united in their view of him? >> overwhelmingly i would say yes. today i was outside his home in an upscale suburb of johannesburg. and there were not just black and white, there were, you know, yalmke and muslim knitted prayer caps. there were young and old, people from a whole variety of walks of life all over
Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
off the job and held rallies today in a number of cities, demanding better wages. organizers said they want $15 an hour. the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and was last raised in 2009. president obama has called for raising the federal minimum wage, but prospects for passage in congress are uncertain at best. an arctic blast kept the northern plains in the deep freeze today, and spread east and south. parts of north dakota expected wind chills of 40 below zero. in denver, the bitter cold had crews de-icing airliners early this morning. snow arrived before dawn in wichita, while oklahoma and arkansas faced a possible ice storm this evening. britain and northern europe are facing what could be their most powerful storm in years. at least three people died today, as hurricane-force winds swept out of the north sea. we have a report from liam dutton of independent television news. >> reporter: december. a time of year when you would expect the british weather to deliver it's worst and today it did. scotland bore the brunt of today's damaging winds with gusts of around 9
Dec 2, 2013 3:00pm PST
ukraine's capital city. thousands of demonstrators stormed government buildings in kiev to demand integration with the european union. in turn, the country's president asked to renew talks with the e.u. and he appealed for calm. we'll have a full report from kiev and analysis from a former u.s. ambassador later in the program. china launched its first robotic mission to the moon early this morning. the jade rabbit rover aboard a landing craft blasted off atop an unmanned rocket at 1:30 a.m. the rover is expected to land on the lunar surface in mid- december. if successful, china will become the third country to soft-land a spacecraft on the moon. wall street retreated today after retailers got off to a disappointing start for the holiday season. the dow jones industrial average lost 77 points to close at 16,008. the nasdaq fell 14 points to close at 4,045. >> woodruff: still to come on the "newshour": fixing the glitches plaguing will the holiday season bring cheer to retailers? david hockney on painting with an ipad; thousands of protesters take to the streets of k
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm PST
gunmen refuse to give up their weapons to french troops. the french patrolled the capital city today, trying to disarm rival muslim and christian fighters who killed 400 people over the weekend. we'll have a report from the c.a.r. later in the program. the prime minister of thailand called for new elections today, in the face of protests against her rule. the opposition has accused her of corruption, insisting again she must go. john sparks of "independent television news" reports from bangkok. >> reporter: protest leaders called it the day of reckoning. a time to do-or-die. when their call was answered on the streets of bangkok by more than 150,000 people. and each one seemed determined to topple the thai government. >> we've got to get them out. we're playing our last card. >> reporter: they've been at it for weeks. a rolling protest against the government of prime minister yingluck shinawatra. with demonstrators converging on government headquarters this morning, the thai prime minister made a surprise announcement. she disolved the government. >> miss yingluck who sounded shaken
Dec 10, 2013 3:00pm PST
, two french soldiers were killed overnight in the capital of bangui. they were on patrol in the city as part of an operation to disarm christian and muslim fighters when gunmen opened fire. it happened hours before french president francois hollande arrived to meet with the interim president, african peacekeepers and religious leaders. a major new federal regulation approved today will bar u.s. banks from trading stocks and other securities for their own profit. the federal reserve and other agencies adopted the so-called volcker rule to prevent the risk-taking that helped cause the 2008 meltdown. we'll explore the details and potential consequences later in the program. the supreme court now has to consider a rule forcing cuts in air pollution from power plants in the south and midwest. the justices heard arguments today on the 2011 regulation. it requires 28 states to reduce smog and soot that drifts into the northeast and mid-atlantic. a decision is expected by june. secretary of state john kerry appealed to congress today for more time to negotiate over iran's nuclear ambitions.
Dec 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
city. an update on the state of plus, the pension crisis in illinois. what it means for it the rest of the nation. >> there's probably a lot of lessons to be learned from the things that illinois has done wrong here. >> and jeffrey brown looks at images of war, before, during, and after. next on "pbs newshour weekend." >> "pbs newshour weekend" is made possible by lewis b. cullman and louise hirschfeld cullman, mutual of america, judy and josh weston, citi foundation, in memory of miriam and ira d. wallach, cheryl and philip milstein family, rosalind p. walter, additional support is provided by -- and by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs sto z station from viewers like you. thank you. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. the white house said today it's met its goal of improving so that millions of americans can buy health insurance. the administration's progress and performance report said the website now works smoothly for the vast majority of people using it. it called the site stable 90% of the time and sai
Dec 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
400 bodies in the capital city. >>> president obama urged the congress to extend the federal unemployment benefits. caring for the long term unemployed is one challenge and so is finding jobs for the young workers. their unemployment rate is in the mid teens and even higher than that among young minorities. for more about all of this, we are joininged by victoria stillwell. there was a recession in the '70s and a stock market crash in 1987 and jobs were scarce. what makes this so different for young americans compared to those times? >> the great recession was unprecedented. it exacerbated trends. we have been seeing unemployment for people aged 26 16 to 24 hig. but that spread has widened out. in the last recovery the pred between unemployment for young people and for everyone else was about 5 to 6 percentage points and now it is 7 percentage points. we have an unemployment rate that is double the national average. that's a problem. >> one of the things that is interesting about this. we are not talking about low income starter jobs. these are people getting ready to start t
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)